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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blood That Ties, Blood That Binds....

by Valarie Sizemore... aka Charisma Dawn


      This was my first book.  It took a couple of years to get together.  I write like I speak.  Blunt and to the point.  I found Dream Big Publishing ( and they believed in this girl.  Someone that has always dreamed of being an author.  

     Blood That Ties, Blood That Binds is the first book of a series.. although I have lost my way a bit.  I fully intend of keeping that fantasy world alive.  There are so many beautiful and wonderfully made characters that need to tell their stories!


Valarie Sizemore ~ 45 years young and married to my twin flame! I live in Indiana with my wonderful husband and one of my three beautiful children.   A son who is simply amazing at Xbox!  The other two live outside the home.  A daughter whom is married and a son who is completing AIT for the United States Army.  I have many other “adopted” sons and daughters!  “Forever a student of the mystical, magical, and metaphysical… I live to write, teach, coach, and help others in their quest to a more spiritual life.” A Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Spiritual Priestess, Certified Indigo Counselor, Doctor Of Metaphysics… I was born a intuitive, empath, wise one; considered a mystic angel – although I did not learn of this until recently. I love to write.  Have always dreamed of writing a series of romance novels, fantasy, and suspense! I remember writing fanfiction in Junior High school.  I don’t believe it was even around in the 80’s! I love creating worlds, using my heroines and heroes to live vicariously!  They have super powers!  Who wouldn’t want super powers??  We all have them,actually- they are within us – beautiful minds create beautiful creatures!~I have always had the knowledge that there was something greater than “us” out there… our great spirit that guides us, our spirit guides that help us, our angles, our fairies, there is a whole other world just wanting to help us and to guide us and help us live by our intuition.
I use them to pen the fantasy worlds! Walking the worlds and creating this beautiful journey of my characters is fun! I love the emotion I can share and hope you enjoy reading them!

Author Valarie Sizemore

Walk with Shaylee ~ the lost Fey Princess who lost. With no memory of her childhood. Events lead to her finding out the truth, being married to a vampire dark lord, and caught in the midst of a predestined 
Author: Valarie Sizemore
Genre: Erotica / Fantasy
Release date 03/13/2015
Blood that Ties, Blood that Binds